Lead Paint Testing

Get The Lead Out! We’ll Show You How

lead paint testingYou health and the health of your children are the most important things to you, we understand that.  20 to 30 years ago, most homes used lead based paints in their interior and exterior surfaces.  Back then, the true health risks of lead based paint were not known.  Today, however, we understand the serious physical and mental damage that lead can cause.

Today our children are exposed to lead contamination from a variety of different sources.  Many are still accessible in garages and other areas of the home.  The CDC has published a helpful guide entitled, “Lead Poisoning, Words to Know” that can be very helpful in dealing with lead poisoning.

If you suspect surfaces of your home are contaminated with lead based paint, it is a good idea to schedule an inspection.  We can come to your home and tell you right on the spot if you have these dangerous types of contaminated paint in your home.

The Process

lead paint testingA lead paint test is used to determine if paint that haslead paint testing been used in the house is lead based. A small sample of paint is taken and tested with a kit on site. It will be determined on site if the paint tested does contain lead.

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