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What Can Infrared Camera Technology Do For Me?

First, You Should Know What Infrared Technology Is

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In a nutshell, Infrared Technology allows the ability to see various hot and cold patterns in a visual form.  Think of it as a very fancy visual thermometer.  The images displayed will be various colors, depending on the temperature of the surface.  For Example, If you looked at a wall being exposed to afternoon sun in the summer, it would appear as a yellow/orange mass of color.  If you could watch that same wall throughout the day, you would see it change from yellow/orange to graduating darker shades along the spectrum.

Notice, in the image to the left, that the warmer parts of the wolves bodies display a yellow to red color, indicating they are warmer than the other parts of the body.  Colder temperatures display a range of color from light blue to black, depending on the temperature of the surface.

Just A Few of the Useful Applications of Infrared Camera Technology

What’s Behind That Wall?




Using infrared camera technology can be very useful in home inspections.  While it does not allow you to “See behind walls”, it does afford a good picture of framing stud placement, insulation effectiveness, and much more.  For example, suppose you wanted to know if there was any water damage from a leaking roof or wall.  With an expert using infrared technology, such a problem might be easily discovered.  That would be important information indeed, whether you are buying a home or living in in an existing home.  Of course, there are many variables that affect the ability to detect such problems and that’s where our expertise comes in.  We know how to inspect at just the right time to find potential problems.

infrared camera technologyDo Your Pipes Leak?


As you can see from the image to the right, hot water is easy to detect. Using infrared camera technology to look at ceilings and walls is an excellent way to spot leaky pipes or other plumbing problems. Often, those kinds of problems go unnoticed in the typical home inspection, but thanks to our technology, it doesn’t have to in your home inspection.

Finding Faulty or Inefficient WiringInfrared Camera

In home inspections, not everything is as it seems. A simple light switch, for example, might just be a huge power drain, but then again, it might be a potential fire risk. Wouldn’t it be nice to know beforehand?

Nook & Kranny, Your Home Inspection Professionals

There are many more uses for infrared technology as well.  The bottom line is, if your home inspection company doesn’t have this type of technology at their disposal, it might be time to shop around.  Don’t settle for substandard service just to save a few pennies, your home, family, and even your life aren’t worth the risk.

Nook & Kranny home inspections has been doing quality work for over twenty five years, we know how to do it right.  You owe it to yourself to find out what makes us so much better than the others.  We would love to answer any questions you might have about your upcoming home inspection.  Simply give us a call or contact us via our contact page.  We are eager to help.

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